Other E-Learning Resources

Additional e-learning resources to support MECC training.


Mental Health Issues in Children and Young People

Free MindEd e-learning resources containing advice, guidance and information on managing a range of mental health issues in children and young people.

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Essex County Council's MECC E-Learning

Completing this module will help you to understand when and how to deliver advice and information to anyone who could benefit from making a change to a healthier lifestyle.

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Understanding Physical Activity and Cancer

A short video course for professionals to enable you to raise awareness of the importance of physical activity and signpost people to further support.

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Health Behaviours and Supporting Change

E-learning resources on health behaviour change and raising issues around nutrition, physical activity and smoking.


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Motivational Interviewing in Brief Consultations

This module explains what motivational interviewing is, its uses and how it can work in practice, within a number of different clinical scenarios.


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Weight Management for Adults: Understanding the Management of Obesity

A resource to help improve knowledge about overweight and obesity prevalence, as well as the structure and requirements of a tier 2 commissioned lifestyle weight management service.

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Community-centred approaches to health improvement

These two modules focus on community-centred approaches to improving health and wellbeing. Module 1 covers the background evidence and theory, whilst Module 2 involves practical exercises to apply the knowledge into your own work.

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