Public Health England Smokefree Campaign

A campaign highlighting the damaging effect that smoking has on the heart, with free support and tools to help people quit smoking in the new year.

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Tobacco Control Plan - Press Release

Outlines the government tobacco control plan, which involves training healthcare professionals to deliver ‘very brief advice on smoking’.

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Health Harms - what happens to your blood when you smoke?

Find out how every cigarette you smoke causes poisons to enter the blood and spread around your body. Find out how Smokefree can help you stop smoking here:

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Effectiveness of a hospital-initiated smoking cessation programme

A study looking at the impact of implementing a hospital-initiated smoking cessation intervention on mortality and subsequent healthcare usage.

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Stop smoking options: guidance for conversations with patients

Guidance to support conversations between clinicians and people who want to quit smoking on what method to choose.

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Supporting smokers to quit: A summary of resources for healthcare professionals

A document to support healthcare professionals in discussing the latest information on stop smoking aids.

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Stopping smoking - what works?

This edition of Health Matters focuses on the range of smoking quitting routes that are available and the evidence for their effectiveness.

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